KNEAD ME MASSAGE & WELLNESS is our new clinic in Oxford, Oxon. The same magic massage, now combined with a NIKKEN wellness environment. : reenergising a new you, rediscovering your body and mind, revitalising your health and wellbeing, rebalancing your life and longevity. 

We are very proud to announce that in the space of 4 short years, KNEAD ME MASSAGE has grown exponentially by word of mouth and recommendations. We have become 'famous' for our specialised treatment massage technique, and for this reason have outgrown our small massage clinic at 119 Botley Road. As a result we secured a fabulous new space, and have been very busy preparing the new premises for our valued and deserving clients. We believe that our success is due to these three things:
  • outstanding professionally tailored treatment-specific massage technique
  • a welcoming comfortable clean warm ambient environment with top-range ergonomic equipment
  • educating our clients that their bodies are the most precious and priceless asset they will ever own, taking care of it is paramount to a healthy longevity and successful life

Our new MASSAGE & WELLNESS CLINIC embodies everything that we believe in, we have been careful in choosing our new-look, in staying true to who we are, and yet allowing the organic evolution of WELLNESS to take shape. We have been listening to our clients, and we want to help you live longer healthier stress free lives. Massage and muscular wellbeing is one half toward health and longevity, the other half is NIKKEN.

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