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KNEAD ME MASSAGE & WELLNESS clinic is the best massage and wellness centre in Oxford.

We provide proper traditional deep-tissue massage with correctional relief bodywork. We have hundreds of clients, some of which have been visiting us monthly for over 10 years to maintain their good health & wellness.

The secret to our success is down to a few simple truths:

  • we value all our clients, their health and their wellbeing
  • our treatment techniques are advanced, clinical, specialist and professional
  • we tailor each treatment to our clients knots and 'kneads', and are able to give measured relief
  • our vast knowledge of the body's physiology & anatomy is what truly sets us apart, along with our visual 3D medical explainer app which shows you where your problems are, and what needs to be done to correct it

KNEAD ME™ has grown and evolved by word of mouth and recommendations. Our specialised treatment massage technique, which is firm and corrective, backed by superior anatomical knowledge is the reason why we continue to be the best wellness clinic in Oxford. We believe that if we maintain our outstanding services, give our clients relief and knowledge of their injuries, and continue to provide a welcoming, ambient, and professional environment we will continue to grow and serve Oxford in massage & wellness. We believe it is vitally important to educate our clients about their bodies, and teach them to take care of their most important asset. Taking good care of your health, body and mind is paramount to longevity, health and overall wellness.

When you need to be kneaded


Ferhat Durmusoglu

Qualified & Certified Massage Therapist since 1999

Turkish Society of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Registered member of CNHC / Qualification verified by MTI, UK

(accredited as the leading bodies in complimentary & natural healthcare,

enforcing quality standards & regulations in the UK)

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